Million Mango Project

Mission of the Million Mango Project

Our mission is to battle hunger and mountain deforestation in the Les Anglais region of southern Haiti by partnering with local farmers to plant and nurture 10,000 mango trees – enough to produce one million mangos annually by year 2030.

  • We see hundreds of impoverished Haitians better fed.
  • We see the slowing of deforestation and soil erosion in the mountains of the Les Anglais region.
  • We see reenergized agribusiness in the region.
  • We see better educated and supported farmers.
  • We see a massive green canopy of hope spreading across the mountains of southern Haiti.
  • Plant 2,000 mango seedlings per year on a small, dedicated farm in La Cohaune, Haiti.
  • Recruit local farmers (and landowners) committed to the project and distribute 2,000 young mango plants for planting each year.
  • Over a five year period provide education to farmers on the topics of deforestation, soil conservation, mango tree growth and development, and agribusiness.
  • Regularly network with and visit farmers to overcome challenges.
  • Document and celebrate success.


Project Manager: John Hayes Santa, Maineville, Ohio, U.S.A.

Project Overseer: Hypollite Fanfan, Croix des Bouquets, Haiti